WTS a very focused FAX pilot (51+ m SP)

Looking to sell a very focused FAX pilot (won’t be a long train to a carrier either).

http://eveboard.com/pilot/allayah_thunderbolt (pass ‘123’)

Minmatar Carrier V
Amarr Carrier IV
Caldari Carrier IV
Gallente Carrier (almost IV, in 36h)

Minmatar Frigate V + Covert Ops IV (for your safe travel)

All shields skills V
All armor skills V (except for Armor Layering)

Capital Armor Rep V
Capital Shield Rep V

Capital Remote Armor Rep V
Capital Remote Shield Rep V
Capital Remote Cap Transfer V

Jumping skills are in the process:
Jump Drive Calibration III
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation IV

Location: Jita
Wallet: 0 or positive
Clones: 3
Kill rights: none
NPC corp: yes

Starting bid is 45bil (43bil of extraction + whatever one gets from a 5m SP stub).
PS. It’s kinda sad to see pilots sold, then butchered for SP, and then sold with 5m SP.

40 bil


43.5 B/O

Let’s go up again

44.5 B/O

Going up.

B/o is 51 bil.



Going up!


48 bil B/O offer. character will be put to good use and not stripped =)

@Alan_Roffer Offer accepted. Please provide the details and send the isk.
PS. You promised!

ISK and account name sent.

Awaiting transfer :slight_smile:

And I promise!

Thanks! However, keep in mind different time zones hence will start doing my part in around 10h.

Not a problem. I’ll see it on my account then :).

@Alan_Roffer Just initiated the transfer, sorry for the delay. All isk has been received.

character received. Thanks!

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