WTS Aeon w/ T2 Tri + Fuel. Basgerin Freeport Keep

As title says, selling Aeon with 3x Trimark Rigs (T2) and a Full tank of fuel.

26B Non negotiable price, this price also includes services and ease of purchase additions, perfect for someone purchasing a super for the first time.

Note - Rigs will be in the cargo, feel free to get different rigs and sell the others if you so choose.

Services included in above price.

  • We will source whatever fit that you like be it non officer modules, travel fittings for free. (premium for fighters/bombers due to weight) Deposit needed on fits requested above 5B (25 percent)
  • We will supply you with a Cyno ship of your choice at the purchase location at cost.
  • If you need additional cynos and advisably that you are blue we can light cynos for you, given you pre pay for the hulls cost.
  • Not applicable to this sale most likely, but we can also provide Quick FAQ, How to’s on a variety of questions you may have about moving supers, supers in general.

Thank you and we hope to do business with you!

There’s one on contracts rigged right now for 25.5. I’ll buy this one for that same price. Contract to this character if you agree.

Keep in mind that this is not in a npc station but in a keepstar. But none the less my father needs to go for surgery and I will be gone for about 4-5 hours.

Due to the fact that this is in a keepstar and the other is not… and this is an easier sell for you i would do 25.5b without rigs. Becauce tbh I do not have them yet. Let me know if this acceptable friend! Thanks.

I’m unfortunately not willing to pay over 24b on the hull alone. I don’t really care if it comes rigged or not - that’s something I can deal with myself. If you agree to 24, my contracts are still open.

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