WTS Ahremen's Abyssal Heavy Nos (god tier)

Want to sell this rare max rolled officer abyssal NOS…

Help me get my first super!!

40B obo

its far from a god roll, on a module class that is extremely cheap to purchase deadspace versions of

The only ship that would benefit from this would struggle to able to fit it because of the bricked pg and cpu


Fits on most BS, and esp caps…

Find a deadspace that hits to 40km…

It’s not as special as you think


Fits on most BS

if you unfit the other mods, sure

and esp caps…

why on earth would a capital fit a heavy nos, it will literally never work, nor be useful, unless its a chem/dagon at which point you’d be fitting capital nos

Find a deadspace that hits to 40km…

it costs 55m per roll of an x-type nos, they can get out to 45km ish with a good roll and cost a fraction of the amount

ill put a real offer in and offer 300m. 3.6k pg big big

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