WTS almost 90m SP subcap PVP pilot

I’m still on sale, check my background here:
Chafoot Hussainreek


  • fancy name
  • sec status 0,61
  • no kill right
  • jump clones 4/10
  • 2 remaps available
  • 2.3M sp avaliable to allocate
  • char located in Jita 4-4

Subcap habilities

  • all races frigates/cruisers at lvl V (T1 & T2) / no tr
  • all small/med guns T2
  • so good support skills
  • all rounded gral skills for PVP

Special ship habilites

  • including all frigates/cruiser races lvl V
  • all races Blockade Runner lvl V
  • all races Deep space Transport lvl V
  • all races Force Recon lvl V
  • all races Combat Recon lvl V
  • imagine possibilities

Other important

  • all jump/fuel related lvl V (ready for caps)

Skillpoint allocated

  • 34M on spaceship
  • 12M gunnery
  • 9M navigation
  • 6M shield
  • 5M drones
  • 4M armor
  • 100% magic 14


  • starting price 80 billion
  • buyout 90 billion

all ccp transfer rules apply

THANKS for all offers!
This is a so good toon.
send isk, share account will transfer fast.

75B offer

ty for starting offer, wait for better offer, still on sale

76B offer

thanks for the offer, expecting better offer, still on sale

77B offer

offer Expired

79B offer

80b offer for 24 hours

Limited_Liability, accept you offer of 80b, send the isk and account who receive chafoot

Sorry offer withdrawn, toon does not actually have 90m SP

lol, no worries, for all details the 3rd party link is available.
unallocated sp, are already included in the char skillpoints!? (I didint know that).
(actual in-game images)
I’m still on sale, thanks for all offers atm (including LL’s).
I will update the post with more details.
keep offering harder.

76B ISK ready

tyvm for offers, bump.

77 billions

80 bil

Tangarchik Ru, offer accepted, send isk and account to receive toon.
ready for transfer.

no isk atm from Tanga…

still on sale.


isk and account info sent… sorry for the delay

isk received, char transfered, enjoy it!