WTS (almost) perfect Phoenix char


I have:

T2 Siege
T2 Torps
All missile supports 5
nothing else trained (high-focus)
and am training into Dread 5

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/HappyStick (6554)

B/O is 26b

The name comes with the added benefit of memes like these


24B BO as a fair enough price

25b b/o

I’m going to let this run until the next evening, if noone matches the b/o until then it’s yours :slight_smile:

26bil b/o


27 bil

buyout agreed ingame, isk and account info sent

Don’t sell it to Jay, he can’t even approach POS shields with his AB bonused super. Will be a waste of a character.

He was the first to offer my buyout, and considering the mails and offers I got I probably should have set the b/o a bit higher, but he was the first. Also that’s quite a weak reason anyway - the titan play in X47 was quite enjoyable to watch, as was the Rev kill.

I have made a ticket for customer support with the second account you named.

thanks i didnt realise the first one was full

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