91 m. SP Phoenix V

Wallet is positive, in an NPC corp, located in hi sec (JIta), no kill rights, and a positive security status.

Remap is available

Phoenix V
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V
XL Torpedoes V
Command Ships V
Heavy Interdiction V
Fleet Support - 10 skills trained to level 5
Jump Clones: Jita IV, Dodixie IX
Noctis Rosada Dawn SKIN
Phoenix Matigu Seabeast SKIN

Start: 80 bil
B/O: Make an offer

85b here

Good suggestion to start

I sold my alt which is only slightly better for 180b, so what is wrong with this toon to sell for so little? Or do you expect the bids to go over 200b?

You didnt sell an alt with 90mil SP for 180b…and if you did, you ripped that person off a ton and they were an idiot…


Is your offer still valid?

85.5 bill can send isk right away

Thanks for the offer. I’ll wait.

86 :slight_smile:

86.5 bil



88 here

I’ll wait another 24 hours. Tomorrow at 17.00 finish.

80 bil

The last rate 88bil

Arc Hammer, do you confirm your offer?

Sorry, I thought I had withdrawn my offer; I purchased another character.

Then true offer Scatz Anzomi.

hi, im going to have to redact my offer of 87.5bil as i purchased another character however
i may consider a lower price.