WTS Alt - Private Auction

This ad is for a private auction.

Selling Erin Ikkunen
Skill Points:

Wallet Balance: 0

Ocular Filter - Improved
Memory Augmentation - Improved
Neural Boost - Improved
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved
Social Adaptation Chip - Improved
Zainou RR-603
Zainou MY-703
Zainou BX-804
Inherent Implants MX-1005

Faction Standings:
Caldari State -2.56
Minmatar Republic +6.4
Amarr Empire -1.8
Gallente Federation +6.81

Kill Rights:

Jump Clones:
Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Jita 4-4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

This character will be transferred on receipt of previously agreed upon sum.

can’t see the skills

updated. thanks!

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