SOLD 65m Subcap PVP pilot

Good KB
NPC Corp
Located in Jita 4-4
0 Balance
No Kill Rights
Positive Sec Status
2 remaps (currently charisma/willpower)
159 skins including Abyssal Glory Harbinger, Myrmidon, Nemesis, Hound wow very cool

Starting 40b

may i ask what is there wallet or assets worth

36 billions

37b offer

40b offer

No assets or isk, they’ve been transferred.

Character sheet shows 1.6b asset value, I assume from skins?

Considering this,

pretty sure I can extract it for more than the previous offers

42b offer

45B offer


46B offer

47b offer

48b offer

48.5 offer


been sick so I haven’t been around grr corona.

This character back on the market now!


41b offer

42 B
I will always use this character to purchase Omega, so that the character will remain active in EVE.
This is also the highest price I can pay.