WTS Amarr pilot cap / sub cap

WTS me

Located in high sec
Positive wallet
No kill right

I pay for the transfert
CCP rules ok


Starting bid : 22B
Buy out : Make Me a good offer.

I can offer 22 B

24B b/o

thanks for your offer Rosella, but i will wait a few days before accepting.

24.5 bill

Can offer 25

25.5 bill

27b b/o

Thanks for your offer Marsbar.

I close the sale tomorrow 17h Eve time, if no one makes a higher bid, i would accept your buy out for 27b.

If you’re up for letting it go now, im up for giving 28b right now, else i’ll keep it at 27 for now.

ok for 28b now

Send info and isk

Sure, give me a sec, which toon do you want the isk on? I havent done this before

on me

You just want the username in the mail right? Sending now

ISK sent, username sent aswell

ok i log and i make transfer

isk recieved transfert started.

Character Name: Vik Amarru

Will be completed after: 6/3/2021 3:28:56 AM

Sale closed

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