WTS Amazing Rorqual/Rhea/Transport Ships pilot 41.8mSP

(Stalwart Dawn) #1

WTS Amazing Rorqual Pilot with Rhea/Transport Ships skills

Notable Skills:
Drone Supports V
Mining Drone Operation V/Mining Drone Specialization IV
Capital Ships V
Capital Industrial Ships V
Industrial Reconfiguration V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
Cybernetics V
Advanced Mass Production IV

In a NPC corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
In Jita

Sale will run for a couple days or until someone meets reserved buyout.

Starting Bid: 35b
Buyout: 45b

:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!
(Stalwart Dawn) #2

Going up! You buy!

(Toe-Ragg) #3

35b bid

(Stalwart Dawn) #4

Thanks for getting the ball rolling with that bid @Toe-Ragg! DM me here, or PM me in-game if you want to put in a B/O offer. Online and in Jita 4-4 right now!

(Stalwart Dawn) #5

Going up!

(Stalwart Dawn) #6

Buy today! Mine tomorrow!

(Stalwart Dawn) #7

Going up

(Dobriy Putb) #8

35.5 bil.

(Jim Ripper) #9

Would like to offer a buyout of 40B.

Please let me know.


(Stalwart Dawn) #10

B/O accepted. Send isk and account name and I will contact a GM for transfer.

(Jim Ripper) #11

Isk transfered to Stalwart Dawn per the rules. Sending account to transfer too.

(Stalwart Dawn) #12

ISK received. Petition initiated.

(system) #13

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