WTS Anniversary XV Skins Set. Need Quick Isk- SOLD

(Dean Robert Wilson) #1

Was looking to keep hold of these and sell them at a later date for a nice profit. However, new plans come up so I’m looking to get a fast deal.

All 15 XV Anniversary Skins for 9 Bil. Bought all 8 of them with plex at approx 9bil, You’ll receive the free XV skins that come as rewards as part of the deal. A great investment if your looking to wait and sell these at a later date. Could easy double the Isk in a few months time.

9Bil Fixed price, otherwise I’ll be loosing out on price.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #2

what skins you talk about?
the free event skins? that was not 15 skins because it was 4/4/4/6 = 18

so what skins you talk about exactly?


(Dean Robert Wilson) #3

All Elite XV Skins

(Not 4 Sale) #4

I’ll take them, I can accept them tomorrow evening or within 30 minutes from now.

(Dean Robert Wilson) #5

Sounds good to me, want them via contract?

(system) #6

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