Confirmed I am for sale also.

How much are you looking to get if I were to offer for both?

To be honest I have been away from the game for 6 months. I have no idea what they are worth.

I will do some research now.

feel free to make and offer.

I have just realised you cant transfer with plex anymore?

or am I wrong?

You can, however it requires opening a ticket to transfer

How many plex does it cost now?

Bump Please

Demi for 3b

Thanks for the offer.

3.1 bil each, 6.2bil offer for both chars

isk and slots available

demi for 3.2

Demi for 3.4?

we are almost at a price that I will sell at.

Hm k, 3.5?

7.1 bil for both remap?

3.6 bil each, 7.2bil offer for both chars

isk and slots available

3.7b for Demi

I withdraw my bids.

Sorry Guys,

I decided to commit to another month of goo extraction from them.

I will post for sale again next month.

Auction Closed.