SOLD - Please close

does this link work if so let me know if you can see my toon stats

no killrights

asking atleast 2billion<

in jita/perimeter

remaped used

+4 implants in memory int and remap in that direction as well

please post if i forgot some other information

You need to be in a NPC corp before Making a for sale post.

k thanks man. i changed that

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2 bil.


as of February 16th 2020 cost of one plex is 3.3m isk

with that in mind ill make the maximum bid like 3.5 billion or somehting.

correct me if i’m wrong



2.8 bil

i suppose that’s good enough give me an eve time to come on with you in
game. :slight_smile:

Great. I’ll eve mail you and get this going.

i’m in game right now if u wanna get this going.

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