Kantoec Skill & Standings Sheet (

  • Npc corp
  • High sec location
  • No kill rights
  • Wallet +
  • All ccp rules applied.


Low ballers, thanks for the bumps.

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Is it still available for sale?

thank you for your bid.

i can buy your character by 30bil only fax skill



32 bill


42b for bumper

Still for sale, not interested in bids below 50b

Let me get it then. 50b

50b is the highest bid so far. Going to leave this open for a bit longer.

I’ve lowered the buyout to 58b. I really think this character is worth a bill per 1m sp as it is specialized into caldari minokawa, pheonix, golem, transport ships. Can do alot of things.

Also has 5.0 standing with Lai Dai Corporation for research agents.


58 bil B/O

Sold to Johnny Enderas! I await payment.

isk and account info sent.

transfer complete. thank you!

okay thanks.

Character Received Pleasure doing business.

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