WTS Anshar pilot 34m SP

I’m for sale
Current freighter/JF pilot.
Skills injected for moros.
+5 mem, int, per, wil plugs;
2 bonus remaps available.
Located in jita 4-4.
Positive wallet.
No killrights.
No jumpclones installed



27bil offer, isk ready


28b offer



Hey, sorry, been unable to log on for a couple days. I was hoping to get over 30 (was targeting ~32-33). If I don’t get any offers in the next day, it’s yours.

Haven’t heard from the last guy, so still for sale.

Hello, offer 29b

29.5 billion

Offer 30B

Sure, sounds good.

Am I sending you the ISKs and my information now?

Yes, I’m online

ISK and information sent

ISK received, transfer initiated. Enjoy!

Thank you very much good day

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