WTS Ark + Cov Ops Pilot (Kriosss) - JFC 5 - JF 4 -

Link: Character Sheet

*I pay transfer fee to CCP
*Positive ISK balance
*No Kill Rights
*Character is in NPC corp for 10+ Years
*Character is located High Sec Station
*Security Status is 0.0
*Can also fly Cov Ops
*Character born 2010
*JDC 5
*JF 4

Total Skillpoints: 12,007,402

8b isk ready

8.5B bid

bump, thanks for starting bids.

buyout is 14.5b or best offer

9Bill isk bid

highest bid is 9b. Auction will end 20-06-2023 12:00 unless BO or Best Offer


So whats up, 8.5b my offer stands

after 5c0rch retracted here and ingame, have decided on either Buyout or BO. thanks

Still For sale? 8.5 bil

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