WTS Astrahus BPO with Citadel Service Modules and Rig BPOs


WTS All BPOs Listed.
All are located 1 Jump from Jita in NPC Station.
Will have more in the future (mostly structure modules such as guns, ECM, tackle, launchers, etc, but also a Reprocessing Facility Service Module)

Astrahus 7/12
Asking 5 Bil, Below NPC (NPC for 0/0 is 6 Bil)

Manufacturing Plant 8/12
Invention Lab 8/12
Asking 1 Bil Each, which is equal to NPC Price

Large Rigs- Varied 6/10-8/12
Asking 450 mil each (NPC is 500)

Medium Rigs- 10/10 except for the EWAR Economy Rig, which is 5/12
Asking 90 Mil Each, (NPC is 100)

If you buy the lot to make it easy, ill knock some more off. If you are interested in launchers/EWAR ill respond when those are unlocked and moved. All structure components were sold already.