WTS Athanor anchored in highsec

setup refinery fitting worth 2.8 bill


after 2 bil for it for a quick sale or interesting trades of similar value.
setup in a ice belt system only station offering compression in the system.

Bump i am flexible on the price will trade for plex/injectors/ice/ore/shiny things of similar value.
I need this sold

Hello where is it located? Is near Rens?

it is near rens its near Hek also. its in Eygfe http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/Eygfe

Seems hectic there. I’m 6 j from now, I’ll check it for myself and let you know if I’m interested.

i got the bad end of a wardec and lost a few on the whole its quite here though im selling/moving as looking into joining a mining corp

Try in Emolgranian, that’s where I’m based at .
It has 2 ice spawns. Alot of mining corps hang around there. It’s 0.5 sec so you can moon mine.

already applied to one that’s nearish by :slight_smile: though 2 ice spawns is interesting.

I’m in the station now , I will give you 2bil

im happy at that :slight_smile:
shall convo you in game.

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