WTS Avatar in Amamake keepstar SOLD

Wts Avatar hull in Amamake Keepstar t2 trimarked. 206 bil

I’d take it for 200b

205b if you’ve still got it.

I got it. And accept the 205 bil. - Contract to this char?
Also full fit if you are interested

Yes to this character.

Can you link me the fittings you have? I might be interested

I contacted you ingame, if you want to take it there.

Appraisal Results | EVE Workbench

I’d take the fit without the cap booster.

Contract is up

You misculculated the price,

205 hull + rigs + Appraisal ZVy35K @ Jita 4-4 split: 11,781,692,497.00 ISK | Janice

should be like 217 if we doing split on the fit, not 220b

Edit: Worked out where you went wrong, you included rig price in the copy pasted fit.

Agreed. My bad. I calculated the rigs in yes. Sorry bout that. It is corrected.

Enjoy the isk

Closed as per OP’s request.