WTS Awesome PvP Character born in 2003

Real life changes have caused me to reduce the numbers of character I have and of course play time.

Kindly visit:

A well trained character with an awesome name, positive security status, positive wallet, empire based clones with a variety of expensive implants. All of his assets have been transferred to other characters of mine save a few shuttles. So you don’t have kit scattered all over …

Realistic offers only, I am perfectly willing to let him hibernate if qualified offers are not forthcoming.

what would you take as a good offer just so i can get a feel ? mail me in game if you do not what to post.

200bill offer can do today.

Also I’ve inboxed you in game.


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Bid withdrawn bought another character good luck.


215bil offer.

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how much ?

Make a realistic offer

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May I put to your attention, you should be in an NPC corp… while doing selling your char?

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what are you looking for, didnt reply to my offer via evemail