WTS 5m Stripped Character with +5s %6s

in an npc corp,
positive vallet,
docked in highsec npc station
perfect skill farmer
good standings with whole empire
injected alot(included capital skills)
jump clones(some with implants) around…
min 4b, b/o 6b

3.5b offer to get you started

and bump…

2nd bump

3,6 bi

thanks for offer.

3.9 bil

Need a little more

so close… need a few more…

still need offers…

almost there bump

still need offers…

4b as b/o offer! let me know if accepted

@Enc_Uler yes i accept… send me the money and i ll start transfer…

isk send ingame with ingame eve-mail with the account name i want the character on!


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