WTS BelDuram (Myself)

o7 - As title states, I’m looking to sell my Marauder toon, has great core skills for pvp/pve

Can currently fly the Kronos with T2 guns and all the other necessities for the ship
trying to ‘win’ eve, but giving out the toys and isk I make from selling said toon/toons.

Skillboard: BelDurams Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Discord (if you want to discuss privately): Arcanier#2856

Wallet: Positive (currently 0ISK)
Jump Clone: 1 - Amarr VIII: https://i.imgur.com/mX7C9TI.png
Kill Rights: None
Character Location: Jita 4-4
Currently in NPC Corp

(ISD Please don’t close this down ^^)

Starting price is 12.5b
Buy out price is 15b

Skillboard needs fixed, and all you had to do was edit your other thread and flag it and it would have been reopened

offer 10b

Thank you for the offer, it is noted, looking for a bit more though.

offer 12b

Offer noted, appreciated, closer to what I want, I can settle for the lower end of the buyout (14b) but I’ll consider this a bid for now :slight_smile:

8 b offer

o7 mate, upon some consideration and consulting with some mates whom have a lot more experience with this, I am prepared to take the 12b offer which you proposed 11h ago, if you have isk ready, I am able to begin the transfer today.

OK, I’ll send you the money and mail it.

Transfer after 4 hours (I quoted the price instead of my friend, who came home from work after 4 hours)

Ok mate can do, awaiting isk transfer, and mail.

Remittance has been made, and mail has been sent.

My account number is in the email to you.

ISK Recieved, details received, will start transfer now.

Proof of transfer

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