WTS born 19.05.2003 without any history


EveSkillboard - Doppler pass: 200305

ohh fast transfer ill paid $

30 billion for 5 million skill points?


jesus christ, i mean 25bil, my lord… ouch…

25 billion for 5 million skill points?


you have got to be on something if you think someone is going to pay 25 bil isk for a char thats worth 2 bil…

I dont think the zero corp history is as coveted today as it once was. Probably missed the boat although still pretty cool when you see one.

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The age isn’t as special either, unless someone specifically looking for a pilot like this, majority of pilots go after extraction price or just slightly higher.

25b buy out .

isk received, I am starting the transfer

Character Name: Doppler

Will be completed after: 10/9/2021 1:25:25 AM

Looks like they should have held out for 250B!

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