WTS BPC Tech 1 10/20 Bulk

Check our [WTRZJ] BPC on demand - website and file your demand. A [WTRZJ]-officer will make a contract. All contracts will be delivered in Jita 4/4.

We offer: T1 subcaps, Drones and Deployable structures

If you have other requests than what we offer, please let us know (1 run BPCs, other amount of BPCs …) and we’ll inform you about the possibilities and time of delivery.

Als je Nederlands spreekt verwelkomen we jou graag om mee te bouwen aan onze groeiende corp. Je vindt alle info via deze post.

3000 extra bpc runs for every T1 destroyer soon available

Mobile Tractor Units BPC (35,000.00 ISK / run) and Mobile Depots BPC (45,000.00 ISK/run) are available.

Every frig bpc available @ 7500isk/run

Every T1 destroyer availabla @ 10k per run

bulk order your BPC now

Shop till you drop :gift:

Shop shop shoubidoubie waba doubie shop shop

Container bpc stock updated.

If you don’t buy, others will!

Updated minimum contract price

Updated to stock sheet.
Updated bulk prices.
Updated available BPC’s

Stock is updated with Porpoise / Noctis BPC and much more

Jita stock sheet and demand-form embedded in a website for better customer service.

buying orders coming in :+1:

Working on remaining Industrial 10/20 BPO right now.
After that: cruisers

Ferox, Scythe and Stabber BPC’s added to Jita stock and form.

Updated stock numbers

Another 20 BPC’s left the building today.

Updated BC price (-10%)
Working on max run BPC for cheaper BPC (like drones and frigs)