WTS BPC Tech 1 10/20 Bulk

We also buy bpc 10/20!

We buy every T1 subcap hull full run 10/20 bpc.

Shop is open

Shop open

Logi and ewar drones available soon

Shop open 24/7

EWAR drone bpc’s in production!

Opening extra copy-lines as we speak. Pumping up production.

Every frig, dessy, cruiser available

840 fresh bpc added to Jita stock.

Next batch of 800 fresh BPC will arive in Jita in three days.

1200 fresh BPC added to Jita stock. Jita stock sheet is updated.

shop open

Preparing for 2020. More BPC, lower prices!

Can’t wait for those barges to become 10/20, almost there…

30% sales entire weekend on every contract!

Lazy sunday bump

Another day, another bpo in research.
Barges bpc in production soon.

Shop is open. Barge BPC production will start tomorrow.

Shop open