WTS BPC Tech 1 10/20 Bulk

Shop open 24/7

Sometimes our trade seems irrelevant between these billion isk trade offers, but we grow slowly to become a reliable trading partner.

Partner in pixel trading … :parrot:

Be the one hundredth to click our link.

Also open in holidays.

Every drone (not fighters) in production
Mining crystals and command bursts in production.

Ho ho ho lets bump this post again

And again

And again

Working on expanding our BPO library

New bpc available soon

Fighters and Battlecruisers in research.

Shop is open

Covetor, procuror and retriever bpc available.

Another day, another bump

Some more new BC bpc almost ready for copying!


Low prices + 5% extra discount per log10.

Mobile scan inhibitor bpo is copying

Shop is open 24/7

Shop is open.

Wow, what a dedication

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Every battlecruiser in research and first 3 battleships. Soon we will have every subcap TI bpo in stock