WTS BPO in amarr

Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal Blueprint 9/16
Bowhead Blueprint 7/10
Covetor Blueprint 9/12
Raven Blueprint 9/12
Retriever Blueprint 9/12
Scorpion Blueprint 9/12

Hi price of blueprint of riven?

1.350 B

Ok I’ll send you the isk in 1 hour


not sold

I forgot to tell you I saw that the riven’s plan was cheaper on the market

Not related to Jorge, but just a friendly fyi, researched BPO’s normally carry a premium over the unresearched ones found on the market. This is because to research them it takes time/money and even transport risk to and from the adequate researching structure.

Depending on the time horizon flexibility before starting production, how much “production” time it takes away to research the BPO (it can be months to get a BPO properly researched), and the cost of researching it one self (implant/skill/station location/rigs dependent), a lot of industry people don’t mind the premium as they will make it up in a production run and start seeing isk flow faster.

what the price of the covetor or retriever


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