Hi everyone, I’m looking to sell the Blueprints shown above, Many of the BPOs are researched, the details of which I’ll list below

BSC I has 10% mat 0% time
Tempest has 7% Mat 0% time
Rupture has 7% Mat 0% time
Scythe has 7% Mat 0% time
Thorax has 7% Mat 0% time
Vexor has 7% Mat 0% time
Oxygen Fuel Block 10% Mat 14% Time
Antimatter Charge M 10% Mat 20%
Uranium Charge L 10% Mat 20% Time
Titaium Sabot M 10% Mat 10% Time
R.A.M.- Ammunition Tech 7% Mat 10% Time

Feel free to contact me in game for more info and offers

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