All BPO’s can be picked up in Inaro - Orion’s Workshop

Drone Bundle

Blueprint ME/TE Asking Price
All L/M/H drones 10/20 75m

Heavy Assault Missile Launcher Bundle

Blueprint ME/TE Asking Price
All 4 Heavy Assault Missiles 10/20 15m

Blueprint ME/TE Asking Price
Nanite Repair Paste 10/20 100m
Mobile Tractor Unit 10/20 50m
Caracal 10/20 125m
Catalyst 10/20 15m
Algos 10/20 15m

I’ll take the thorax BPO @ 100m.

Thorax 110 mio :wink:

and ill take all drones

110.5 m

@Claire_Elarik contract up for drones, if N2IHC does not accept the contract for the thorax it will pass to you if you still want it.

@N2IHC contract for thorax created.

new BPO’s listed

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