WTS Brynn’s Modified Co-Processor (SOLD)

This processor needs a new home, perhaps in your pimp fit tengu or ishtar?

Given the tax amount I have to pay to CCP, I would rather sell it via private contract directly (no scamming).
Processor came from https://zkillboard.com/kill/67012627/

Selling it for 400m or near offer.

Thank you

bump, you know you want it :wink:

bump, it really needs a new home, like gigX

400m ?

200m isk

Thank you for showing interest, however seeing as I am splitting the revenue between 2, it wouldnt go well at 100m a piece, looking at 200m a piece at least, which is 100m less than market value.

bump, its purple, its 16% more cpu, a MUST for anyone who active shield tanks their ship

bump, 450m in jita now (market)

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