WTS: C2-C2/LS w/structures

As subject says, C2 vanilla, with C2 and LS statics. Planet composition will support fuel block production.

Anchored structures include Astrahus, Athanor, Raitaru. All three are fitted and fueled. Willing to negotiate inclusion of rolling/ratting Praxises and Mallers.

Run your explo sites for loot, or leave them as bait. Huff your gas sites for indy or isk, or leave them as bait. Easy access to hunting explorers and miners; small gang PvP is not uncommon. Relatively high probability of getting a HS connection in the static C2 to ease logistics.

Why bother hauling in your own structures and fretting during anchoring? Eliminate all the tedium of initial setup logistics and buy this one; it’s ready to go!

In-game contact preferred, care of Anba Kring

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