WTS C2 (C3/HSS) With Fort for just 9b

Looking to sell our corps old C2 >HSS/C3 Static. This wormhole is amazing for a new corp trying to start out it has the k-space connection and a nice c3 good for making money running c3 sites and amazing for pvp since you can rage roll the static and find someone to kill who is running site, Reason for it being sold is we no longer have use for the wh.

The hole come with both a fort j code for the wh is J124219

We want 9b for it all

Fort 9b

Price is fixed


Still up for saleā€¦

still up for sale

Still For Sale!!

14 is a bit too high because of how useless a fort is in a c2. just saying.

Are the citadels fitted? do you own the pocos?

Citadel are not fitted and we dont own the pocos sorry

may you tell me the average taxes on the pocos? if they are 0% i would offer 14b

4 are at 5% tax and 3 are at 10% tax i am sure however if you contract the owner of the pocos he will sell them if not shoot them down isnt hars :slight_smile: i could even help

Still For sale

still looking for buyers

Price updated!!

what happened to your azbel? did you unanchor it? anyways, i am willing to pay 9b, but i would like to use a 3rd party service

we un-Anchored it yes who do you have in mind for a 3rd party

3rd party service

if you are down for it just give me 1-2 hours to prepare everything essential

still for sale

Still up for sale great wh

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