WTS C2 WH with Structures / Caps

Corp is planning on moving out of the C2 we are in and are willing to sell it as is.

3 Structures. 3 Capitals in the WH. Pulsar. High-Sec and C3 Statics

how much? when the price is ok i buy it

Current asking is 25b. Structures include Fort, Tara, Az + 3 Caps.

Wormhole is a Pulsar.

I’m aware this price might be high, but most of it is in the buildings.

well, with a fort and caps the price is higher
From what we caps are talking and is the fort full fittted?

No buildings are rigged or have T2 modules. Caps are Mino, Rorqual, and Phoenix.

Bumping post.

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