WTS C4 3/5 with Astra and Athanor - SOLD

WTS at asset cost.

JCode: J172502
Current Owner: Singularity Syndicate


  1. Athanor: Evepraisal - Appraisal 17abd3: 1.63 Billion Buy / 1.92 Billion Sell
  2. Astra: Evepraisal - Appraisal 17903a: 1.82 Billion Buy / 2.29 Billion Sell
  3. Some rollers and T1 ships: 1b ish
  4. POCO’s : All belong to SYNDE

WH effect : Vanilla
Planets: 8
Moons: 21
Size: 17.7 AU


5b sale

Could i get the J Sig please?

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tht is not how it works :slight_smile:

Not sure why given me the J code would be a bad thing? I’m trying to confirm hole activity/status.

Weather? Planets? System size? Astra Fit? Pocos? Poco ownership?

More like combat activity that would look like evictions. Enjoy the free bump. GL on the sale, as i’m no longer interested.

Updated with details

Still available? If so would offer asking price

asset cost + about 1b in rollers and stuff + 1b

When are you around to finalize the trade and get a scanner into the hole.

i am available from now up to about 4-5hrs

I will be back online in about an hour to confirm sale as we said yesterday. Will message you in game

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