[WTS] C4 Magnetar w/ C3/C5 statics, Astra, Athanor, Thanatos components

NB: All components for the Thanatos included; BPC not included.

WH: This is a great wormhole for any corps looking to move into J-space (or move up from C1/2/3). A C4 is more easily defended than a C5 (especially if you have capital ships), but with a C5 static you have the ability to do C5 sites, while the C3 gives you guaranteed access to K-space for logistics runs. The Magnetar bonus (Margarita bonus according to autocorrect :joy: ) also gives you 75% more damage in the hole, which applies to both turrets and drones.

Planets: The wormhole has Storm, Temperate, Lava, Oceanic, and Barren planets. You can make Robotics and Nuclear Reactors easily. We own all POCOs in the system and they are included in the sale.

Structures: We own an Athanor and an Astrahus. The Astrahus is T1 fit with T2 scram and BC, and T2 fighters. Services include Cloning Center I, Manufacturing Facility I, and Reprocessing Facility I. The Athanor is T1 fit with a drill, reprocessing facility, and hybrid reactor for T3 reactions. The Athanor also has moon ore grading processor, moon drill efficiency, and moon drill stability rigs. As of this post, both structures have over a month of fuel left, all of which is included in the sale.

Items: As mentioned above, we have all components needed to build a Thanatos (less BPC); they will be contracted as part of the sale. All remaining fuel and ammunition are included as well.

The price for everything is 9 Billion ISK. Send an evemail to Great Cynoman in game if you are interested in buying the system.

Still for sale!

I will contact you in a week…currently i m off comp and cant play but if its still available in a week i could buy it.


If it gets sold before then I will update the thread.

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