WTS C4 WH with Fortizar and CAP fleet

(Etharion Calthon) #1

WTS C4 WH with fully fitted Fortizar.

static to C5
static to C3

CAP fleet inside - 2 Archon, 2 Thanatos, 2 Rorquals, 2 Ninazu, 1 Apostle, Moros and Naglfar.

For that all 25 bil.

(Etharion Calthon) #2

price lowered to 25 bil.

(Etharion Calthon) #3

dayly bump

(Camden Kitty) #4

Hi, what’s the PI like in the hole?

20b offer now but will go to 23b if the PI is good

(Mai Stormheart) #5

Sold: https://zkillboard.com/kill/64713302/

(system) #6

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