WTS C4 Magnetar > C4/C3 Statics

Selling a C4 magnetar with C4/C3 statics with really good PI. The wh comes with the following:


  • 1x Fully fitted Fortizar with Point Defence System rig (Full fit including the fortizar worth 17 bil)
  • All POCOS


  • 3x Phoenix
  • 1x Rorqual
  • 1x Providence
  • Plus a few other ships and items

Perfect wh for a corp looking to move into a C4 and get started immediately. Price for all of the above is 17 bil.

Please contact Logan Eto in-game for more info.


Is the WH still for sale?

Still going for sale

Still up

What is the J-Code? I want to know size/planet PI/etc.

Price negotiable?

The price is already half of what the assets in the wh are worth so the price is non negotiable I’m afraid. It’s a good deal as the forti along with it’s rig and fit are worth that.

J sig is J225530

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