WTS C5-C2 Wormhole

3x Astrahuses - fitted and rigged
good for making isk and learning WH space
first reasonable offer will be accepted

a C5 with a C2 static

Do you have dreads for sale in the hole as well? Importing dreads into C5 > C2 would be a pretty big pain in the butt.

We do. What are you looking for?

I would say two nags at least, preferably three. Do you have a POS set up for the dreads in hole (since they can’t dock in the astras?) or do you just safelog the dreads? In addition I would only need one of the three astrahuses. Could you please also tell me the Jtag? Please respond to this forum post or message me on discord (Davak Kateelo#4477) if you’d rather keep the information private, as I will be away from my computer for the majority of the weekend.

In total, I would be interested in your pricing for the combination of the following:
(1) Astrahus
(2) or (3) Nags (with or without fittings)
(1) POS with XLSMA Setup for the nags (assuming that you have one already; if you do not have this already in hole then no need to worry about it as they are easy enough to import/setup).

Just sent you a request on Discord under a different character name.

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