WTS Caldari Covert OP/Command destroyer pliot. 6.4M SP.T2 topeados and Rockets.CHEAP

(GN Shahni) #1


Capable of flying a Caldari covert OP and command destroyer. Able to use T2 torpeados and rockets and have certain scanning skills. Covert OP IV. Cyno 4. Located in high sec.
IN NPC corp, positive wallet, no killrights. 2 bonus remaps
She can be used to:

  1. kill the excavator mining drones or any others
    2.secret operation in null(or low) sec, shooting MTUs, fighters…etc

Wanted at least 4bil

(Johny Rambo) #2


(GN Shahni) #3

sry I am looking for at least 4bil for this toon

(GN Shahni) #4


(Nandea) #8

Offer pulled
Reason: Lacking response from seller.

(Lio Red) #9

i will give you 4,5b, lets get it done

(GN Shahni) #11

offer accepted. please send 4.5bil to GN Shahni, once i received isk i will start the transfer.
And sorry for the slow response.

(Lio Red) #12

im here let me login, can you login as well so i can send you the account details?

(Lio Red) #13

isk and account details sent via evemail

(GN Shahni) #14

ISK received and transfer has been submitted.

(Lio Red) #15

character received, thank you

(system) #16

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