WTS Caldari Starter Pilot + General Starter Pilot

As Title says, selling 2 starter chars (both 5msp) Good for skill farms or starter pilots for any occurrence.

Looking for 3.5b B/O each (6.5b if you buy both chars).
I will be paying the Transfer Fee

Zepsii - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zepsii (P/W 1234)

Sheep Shaggir - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sheep_Shaggir (P/W 1234)

NOTE Sheep Shaggir will be in NPC corp within 24 hours


Both chars positive wallet
No expensive clones
Both NPC corps

Confirmed I am for sale.

Confirmed I am for sale.




Offer Retracted

Sorry for not responding, was on a selection event with the Army.

Will consider this a Bump.



6 b both

Offer accepted.

Pending isk transfer and account names for character transfer.

(Deal made Via Discord DMs)

confirming both characters are getting transfered, ty for the transaction !

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