WTS CAP character amarr(titan,supcarrierand dread )

im in npc corp now,
no kill:https://gyazo.com/6ef19802a5a6f464d96e6f94354fd1e5
have two remaps:https://gyazo.com/56f40c5bde3c94a38aae58bf6e6a0f9d
star bid :45b
end to 53b.




48B, please give it to me!

good bid.,send isk and account to me.

sent account name to you, you can check mail in game.

send isk and account,not only account.and when isk in my wallet, i will transfer the character.

so I should send 48B to Lia Darkblood in game? OK, i will do that in a minute.

isk sent

Just accidentally deleted the mail, send it again, thank you

done! make sure your email,transfered, please wait 12 hours will to your account.

Thank you! Email received. Once I receive the character I will let you know.

Character received.

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