WTS capital components BPOS

Most of them are 10/20, some are 10/18.
Wholesale price will be 105Bil. If you want to buy them individually, below is the price. Note that if the BPO ME/TE is 10/18 the price will be reduced by 5%.

|Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint |3| -----------------5Bil each.
|Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint|3|-------------2.7Bil each
|Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint|3|-------------2.7Bil each
|Capital Drone Bay Blueprint|2|------------------------------1.6Bil each
|Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint|2|------------------------1.9Bil each
|Capital Construction Parts Blueprint|2|-------------------1.6Bil each
|Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint|2|-------------------2.0Bil each
|Capital Armor Plates Blueprint |3|--------------------------2.05Bil each
|Capital Siege Array Blueprint |3|----------------------------2.5Bil each
|Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint|3|----------------------2.35Bil each
|Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint|4|-------3.4Bil each
|Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint|2|--------------------1.8Bil each
|Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint|3|-------------------------2.7Bil each
|Capital Jump Drive Blueprint|3|-----------------------------2.7Bil each
|Capital Power Generator Blueprint|3|---------------------2.2Bil each
|Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint|2|-------------------------2.1Bil each
|Capital Computer System Blueprint|2|-------------------2.0Bil each

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