WTS Capital Pilot 62m SP


Been out of the game for about a year and after several attempts to get back into it I just cant. Had alot of fun with over 4000 hours into the game. This is also my first character transfer so if it sells please bear with me as I have never transferred a character before.

This toon can sit in all dreads and has Capital Projectile to V. Can fly amarr JF and has near perfect skills in all FAX and the Rorq as far as im aware.

Not sure what the toon is worth so I am entertaining all offers. I’m heading off to work and wont be able to check again for about 8 hours after this post!

in game mail send

24h Bump


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:
I will be on in around 10 hours if you wanna do the transfer then :slight_smile:

sounds good want me to transfer isk and account name for transfer

44 bil


46 bil

Gonna stick with the 45bil bid as the other dudes been winning auctions and no paying

Emma ill have your bid at 45 as the final. I’ll be on for the next 3 hours to transfer the character =)

Isk and account name sent

Thank You

Character transfer intiated =)

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