WTS Capital, Subcapital, Fighter BPO-s

For sale in Jita 4-4!

Nidhoggur ME:7 TE:14 – 1500.000.000 ISK
Naglfar ME:8 TE:12 – 2400.000.000 ISK
Orca ME:8 TE:14 – 1100.000.000 ISK
Noctis ME:10 TE:20 – 600.000.000 ISK
Moa ME:10 TE:16 – 100.000.000 ISK
Ferox ME:9 TE:18 – 620.000.000 ISK
Firbolg ME:10 TE:20 – 300.000.000 ISK
Einherji ME:10 TE:20 – 300.000.000 ISK
Dragonfly ME:10 TE:20 – 300.000.000 ISK
Tyrfing ME:10 TE:0 – 350.000.000 ISK
Malleus ME:9 TE:9 – 350.000.000 ISK
Cyclops ME:9 TE:18 – 380.000.000 ISK
Ametat ME:10 TE:16 – 400.000.000 ISK

Post here or ingame mail!

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Such items can be purchased in the game. To follow the market you need to do.

Yes but they are researched.
Still available!

this is the trade channel … here you want to trade an archon for a thanatos or such stuff
sell is here: https://forums.eveonline.com/c/marketplace/sales-ads

i guess you have better luck to sell it there


I’ll take them all for 7B.

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