WTS Carrier/Super Focused pilot 22m sp


Cal, Min, Amarr Carrier IV
Fighters V
Support, Light, Heavy Fighters IV
Cybernetics V
22m SP
Located in Highsec


15 billion

16 Billion

17 bil

17.5 Billion of the fine iskies

Daily Bump
I’ll let the bidding run a little bit longer
Lowering B/O to 20b

20B B/O

B/O accepted, send isk and mail with account name ingame and i’ll initiate transfer.

Has been sent

Payment role is【Momiji Komeiji】

You arent allowed to sell this character because your thread is missing the required information as stated by the character bazaar rules.

Isk received, Ticket submitted for plex transfer.
Please mail Aries Stark ingame me if you have any questions or post on this thread.

Two days, but I still did not receive the role

PLEX ticket is still open
we’re just waiting on CCP at this point

Transfer completed. Confirming that everything is OK.

Thanx to the seller!

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