WTS Carrier/Super Focused pilot 22m sp

(Mafusail Golovin) #1


Cal, Min, Amarr Carrier IV
Fighters V
Support, Light, Heavy Fighters IV
Cybernetics V
22m SP
Located in Highsec


(Perpetualed) #2

15 billion

(Baskerville Conan) #3

16 Billion

(Tiddle Jr) #4

17 bil

(Baskerville Conan) #5

17.5 Billion of the fine iskies

(Mafusail Golovin) #6

Daily Bump
I’ll let the bidding run a little bit longer
Lowering B/O to 20b

(C50 Fullerene) #7

20B B/O

(Mafusail Golovin) #8

B/O accepted, send isk and mail with account name ingame and i’ll initiate transfer.

(C50 Fullerene) #9

Has been sent

(C50 Fullerene) #10

Payment role is【Momiji Komeiji】

(Nerdz Rool) #11

You arent allowed to sell this character because your thread is missing the required information as stated by the character bazaar rules.

(Mafusail Golovin) #12

Isk received, Ticket submitted for plex transfer.
Please mail Aries Stark ingame me if you have any questions or post on this thread.

(C50 Fullerene) #13

Two days, but I still did not receive the role

(Mafusail Golovin) #14

PLEX ticket is still open
we’re just waiting on CCP at this point

(C50 Fullerene) #15

Transfer completed. Confirming that everything is OK.

Thanx to the seller!

(system) #16

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