WTS CCP corpse and Singularity ikitursa storm skin

Selling two ccp corpse for 2b each and two ikitursa singularity storm skin for 1b each, At Jita trade hub



epic bump

Epic bump part 2

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Auction still open, make your offer

Bumping for auction

All for 6bil works for me. Contract me?

Hi idama, yes, after DT i will contract that

I do have to tell you that the skin were already solded, so only the 2 ccp bodys, for 4b in total

i do suggest a trade in station tho, so you can actualy see the corpses name

contract will consider all name corpse as “corpse male” “corpse female”

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Contract I figured I’d at least get skins. Looks like you were legit anyway. Thanks for the bodies.

no problem, glad to doing business with you

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