WTS Character 15.6m Explorer

I am for sale
15,600,869 SP

pass: 1234

Character will be in NPC corp and Jita at time of sale.

  • Cybernetics V
  • Hacking V
  • Archaeology V
  • Astrometric Rangefinding V
  • Astrometrics V
  • Astrometric Pinpoint IV
  • Astrometric Acquisition IV
  • All Aurora Universalis SKINs
  • Harbinger Navy Issue EoM SKIN
  • One Eden Astero SKIN
  • All SOE Cell Astero SKINs
  • Astero Yoiul Star SKIN
  • Stratios Yoiul Star SKIN
  • Jump Clone in Hisec with full Virtue implants

Transfer will be with cash for fast delivery

Starting: 11b
B/O: 13b





link skillboard

wow I am dumb… I thought I had this whole time. It has been updated with skillboard.


7b for Maleus Enderas

8 bil

10b buyout offer valid for next 6-7h

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