WTS character --31m SP and 600k sp unused

Luna Blu

Wallet balance 4.592.777 ISK

No Kill rights

Jump clones - 1 jump clone in Jita

Character location -Jita

Bonus remaps left - 2

Only negative security status True sansha

Buyout 20b

skillsborad not working

IF you want to sell this char, skillsborad should be working

I think I fixed it

try 15b first?

Thank you for the offer, it’s the first one! :smiley:

b u m p

bumpity bump

16b offer

Thank you kindly for your offer, it’s the highest for now

Is thsi has Quotation cut-off time?

I’m sorry I don’t think I understood the question, English is not my primary language

17 buyout ok?

Can you pump it to 19b?

18b last offer

Nah, sorry, I’m gonna keep it and extract it myself maybe. Or keep training it for carriers

19B BO

I can’t sell it. Just googled how to transfer character in eve online and it said that i need to pay real money XD I didn’t know that, stupid me for not finding out before. Flagged the mod to close the subject

Closed by request.