WTS Character 34 Mill SP's


22B offer

I will wait until this time tomorrow and go with the highest bid. Thanks anyway.

Are you still interested ??

I will take it for the 22b Kazim has offered if you are interested

I’m still interested. I can send isk and account info, but can you post with the character being sold as per CCP rules?

I accept

If you confirm with the character here I will send isk & details right away :slight_smile:

This is nothing short of hijacking a character purchase. Are you serious? You’re not even offering a higher bid

Well if he doesn’t not message with the actual character in here, you can have the character :slight_smile:

Forget it. This sale is breaking every possible CCP rule. I’m out

What do I have to do now ???

Confirm here that the character is for sale (with the actual character you are selling)

Silverste. This character is for sale for your offer of 23bil.

Yeah you’re probably attempting to scam with the sale of this character, I’ve reported your post.

I have been playing this game since 2006. I have never scammed anyone ever.

Yet you are failing to adhere to the rules of the bazaar

I have never sold a character before. I asked you what I have to now

You need to log out of this character, log into Silverste and then post here in this thread to confirm the sale.