WTS Character Carrier/Dread Alt26.5M SP


Wallet is green
No kill rights
Jita 4-4
Can use 3 Jumpclones
Npc Corp

Can be a hel sitter
Can use minmatar carrier IV , minmatar dread , gallente dread,
Can fly Loki, Jackdaw, Amar Tech I and II frigates
Can use T2 Large hybrid and projectile
Can use Amar Freighter
Can Fly Mining Barges
Cybernetics V

Implants x5 +3 implants

Empyrean Dragon VNI Skin
Spirit Skin Nidhoggur
and some skins for some ships.

Starting bid 22B
B/O 25B




@Pale_Beard If no one will be bidding in 24hrs ill close the bid and take your offer

retracted, free bump

looking for buyers for this toon

18 bil

19b buyout accept?

starting bid lowered to 23 B


Starting Bid Reduced to 22B

bidding 20b

thanks for the offer.

still looking for more bids

21 bill

Thanks for the offer…

Last call to sell the toon

Please send isk and account details

Isk and info will be sent as soon as I get home from work

ok thanks